Table 2

 Non-scheduled angiograms and repeat revascularisation in the BENESTENT II trial4

Without angiographic follow up (angioplasty with and without stents)With angiographic follow up (angioplasty with and without stents)Relative risk (95% CI)
Differences of log transformed risk ratios were not significant based on the 95% confidence interval (CI) surrounding these differences.
BENESTENT, Belgium Netherlands stent.
*Significant risk ratio used in RAVEL (randomised study with the sirolimus eluting Bx Velocity balloon expandable stent in the treatment of patients with de novo native coronary artery lesions) cost effectiveness model.
Months 1–5
    Angiograms8.6%7.2%1.192 (0.747 to 1.904)
    Repeat revascularisations6.1%8.9%0.691 (0.424 to 1.126)
Months 6–7
    Angiograms3.4%1.0%3.577 (1.187 to 10.776)*
    Repeat revascularisations3.4%4.5%0.387 (0.212 to 0.704)*
Month 8–12
    Angiograms5.1%2.4%2.146 (1.023 to 4.501)*
    Repeat revascularisations2.4%2.6%0.929 (0.399 to 2.164)