Table 2

 Prognostic value of coronary calcium in intermediate and high risk individuals (EBCT studies)

StudySubject (n)Mean age (years)Follow up (months)Adverse events*Cut off value†Relative risk‡
*Adverse events defined as: death and myocardial infarction.
†Cut off value: threshold based on Agatson score, considered as having an increased risk.
‡Relative risk is calculated against the patients with a lower risk score.
§Annual risk.
¶Follow up rate only 64%.
M, male; F, female.
Detrano et al161196664146442.3
Arad et al17117353433916022.2
Raggi et al18676523230>00.12 v 3.0§
Kondos et al195635¶M:50, F:543758>0M:5.8, F:1.8