Table 2

 Clinical characteristics and macroscopic necropsy findings in study subjects by age

Age group (years)
1 (20–40) (n = 15)2 (41–60) (n = 17)3 (⩾61) (n = 16)p Value*
Data are number of subjects or mean (SEM).
*p Value between the three age groups.
HDL, high density lipoprotein; NS, not significant
Age (years)29.1 (1.6)49.8 (0.90)71.3 (1.1)
Clinical history
    Coronary artery disease029<0.001
    Other atherosclerotic disease023<0.001
    Cholesterol >6.0 mmol/l064NS
    HDL cholesterol <1 mmol/l033NS
Necropsy findings (macroscopic)
    Aortic valve
        Fatty changes034
    Coronary arteries
        Fatty streaks833
        Small atheromas (<50%)294
        Significant atheromas (⩾50%)011
        Complicated lesions048<0.001
    Acute myocardial infarction022NS
    Number of affected coronary arteries