Table 4

 Histological and immunohistochemical findings in the aortic valve (right coronary cusp) of study subjects by age

Age group (years)
1 (20–40) (n = 15)2 (41–60) (n = 17)3 (⩾61) (n = 16)p Value*
*p value between the three age groups.
Location of aortic valve lesion
Internal elastic lamina
    Multiple abnormalities2780.004
    Slightly increased51210
    Moderately increased024
    Strongly increased1010.002
Number of macrophages
    Slightly increased131
    Moderately increased012
    Strongly increased1110.028
Number of T lymphocytes
    Slightly increased202
    Moderately to strongly increased0010.051
Amount of cholesterol crystals
    Slightly increased065
    Moderately increased112
    Strongly increased0020.007
Amount of mineralisation
    Slightly increased146
    Moderate to strongly increased088<0.001
Location of mineralisation