Table 6

 Antibiotic prophylaxis for IE during urological and digestive procedures: Administration of antibiotics respecting contraindications and usual conditions of use and surveillance

AntibioticDosage and route of administration
Before (in the hour before the procedure)After (6 h hours later)
Paediatric dosage: amoxicillin 50 mg/kg iv before, 25 mg/kg orally 6 hours later; gentamicin 2 mg/kg (maximum 80 mg); vancomycin 20 mg/kg (maximum 1 g); teicoplanin: no official approval for antibiotic prophylaxis in children.
im, intramuscularly.
If antibiotic prophylaxis concerns a procedure for which the microorganism is a staphylococcus, pristinamycin should be used unless contraindicated.
No allergy to β lactamsAmoxicillin then2 g iv (infusion 30 min)1 g orally
gentamicin1.5 mg/kg iv (infusion 30 min) or imNo second dose
Allergy to β lactamsVancomycin or1 g iv (infusion ⩾60 min)No second dose
teicoplanin then400 mg iv (bolus)
gentamicin1.5 mg/kg iv (infusion 30 min) or im