Table 1

 Baseline demographic characteristics of patients in the randomised study (n = 44)

Data are mean (SD) or number (%).
ACE, angiotensin converting enzyme; Ang, angiotensin; CHF, chronic heart failure; NYHA, New York Heart Association.
Age (years)67 (9)
NYHA class (II/III)31/12
Cause of CHF
    Valvar heart disease2
Drug treatment
    ACE inhibitor38 (89%)
    Ang II antagonist3 (7%)
    β Blocker23 (54%)
    Spironolactone13 (30%)
    Nitrate12 (28%)
    Calcium antagonist6 (14%)
    Digoxin13 (30%)
    Statin26 (60%)
    Aspirin29 (67%)
    Clopidogrel4 (9%)
History of diabetes mellitus5 (11.6%)
History of hypertension15 (34.9%)
History of atrial fibrillation12 (28%)
Smoking history