Table 3

 Extensive overview of complications during pregnancy

Patient number
*Arrhythmias were scored only if the rhythm disorder was symptomatic and registered on the ECG or if treatment was necessary; †during her second pregnancy RV systolic pressure was increased (65 mm Hg); ‡NYHA class III during third trimester, II after pregnancy; §NYHA class III during third trimester, I after pregnancy.
ECV, electrocardioversion; PS, pulmonary stenosis; PR, pulmonary regurgitation; SVT, supraventricular tachycardia; Tr, trimester; TR, tricuspid regurgitation; VT, ventricular tachycardia.
Total pregnancies144212
    Time of occurrenceTr1, Tr2Tr2End of Tr1Tr3Shortly after deliveryAfter delivery
    TreatmentNoneECVMetoprololDigitalisSotalolCalcium antagonist
Heart failureNoNoNoYesYesNo
    Time of occurrenceNANANATr3Tr3NA
Valve disease (right sided)Mild PR, mild TR, mild PSMild TR, mild PSSevere PR, mild PSSevere PR, mild PSMild PR, mild PS
RV functionReasonableNormalNot knownNormal in Tr1, reasonable in Tr2Normal
RV systolic pressureIncreased (45 mm Hg)Increased (85 mm Hg)Not known†Not knownNot increased
QRS duration (ms)140120160146130
NYHA class declineNoNoNoYes‡Yes§No
Child small for gestational ageNoYesYesNoYesNo