Table 5

 Multivariate analysis: predictors of mortality among 104 patients with PVE

Logistic regression analysis
Predictors of in-hospital mortalityp ValueAdjusted OR95% CI
    Severe heart failure0.0025.51.9 to 16.1
    S aureus 0.0026.11.9 to 19.2
Cox proportional hazards model
Predictors of long term mortalityRR95% CIp Value
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; RR, risk ratio.
    Early PVE2.141.08 to 4.250.03
    Co-morbidity31.36 to 6.610.006
    Severe heart failure4.192.18 to 8.03<0.0001
    Staphylococcus infection2.011.01 to 4.020.007
    New prosthetic dehiscence2.431.27 to 4.650.007