Table 2

 Regression models for valve related morbidity

Risk factorsp Value*OR95% CI
*Wald test for variables included in the model.
AS, aortic stenosis; CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.
Prosthetic valve endocarditis
    Follow up duration (months)0.0480.840.7 to 0.99
    BMI >29 kg/m20.058.01.0 to 63.4
    Surgical complications<0.001646.4 to 644.4
    AS + stentless biological valve0.0811.60.8 to 177.3
Bleeding events
    Neurological disorders0.00121.53.5 to 132.5
    Peripheral occlusive arterial disease0.0289.71.3 to 73.7
    Mechanical valve + age >75 years0.00718.92.2 to 163.0
    Atrial fibrillation at discharge0.0124.11.4 to 12.5
    Female + AS0.0333.21.1 to 9.5
    Female + internal carotid artery stenosis0.00112.12.7 to 53.6
    Stentless biological valve + NYHA IV0.0079.51.9 to 48.4