Table 3

 Spearman’s test correlation matrix for severity of congenital heart disease versus quality of life and health status

Classification systemLAS quality of lifeSWLSSEIQoL-DWLAS health status
*Bonferroni correction: p<0.0025.
LAS, linear analogue scale; SEIQoL-DW, schedule for the evaluation of individual quality of life-direct weighting; SWLS, satisfaction with life scale.
Task Force 1−0.05−0.06−0.08−0.10
Disease severity index−0.09−0.09−0.05−0.12
Functional status
    Ability index−0.18*−0.25*−0.13*−0.24*
    Congenital heart disease functional index−0.11−0.07−0.15*−0.20*
    Left ventricular ejection fraction0.