Table 1

 Characteristics of patients with and without LA thrombus at initial TOE before planned MBV

Patients with no LA thrombus at TOEPatients with LA thrombus at TOEp Value
Data are represented as mean (SD).
LA, left atrium; LV, left ventricle; RV, right ventricle, TOE, transoesophageal echocardiography.
Number of patients26941
Age (years)60.2 (12.7)64.9 (11.1)<0.05
Female217 (81%)31 (76%)NS
Previous rheumatic fever102 (38%)13 (32%)NS
Previous surgical valvotomy58 (22%)5 (12%)NS
Atrial fibrillation189 (70%)38 (93%)<0.01
Warfarin therapy253 (94%)40 (98%)NS
Echo score6.3 (2.7)7.0 (3.0)NS
LA echo-dimension5.34 (1.17)5.71 (0.93)<0.05
Parsonnet score14.5 (8.7)17.1 (8.7)NS
Patients unsuitable for cardiac surgery52 (19%)14 (34%)<0.05
Mitral reflux on LV angiogram89 (33%)10(24%)NS
LV impairment20 (7%)4 (10%)NS
RV systolic pressure (mm Hg)50.4 (18.0)57.7 (17.6)<0.05
Mean LA pressure (mm Hg)25.2 (7.1)26.7 (5.9)NS
Valve gradient (mm Hg)12.0 (5.1)11.6 (3.7)NS
Cardiac output (l/min)3.67 (0.94)3.10 (0.72)<0.001
Valve area (cm2)0.97 (0.30)0.78 (0.23)<0.001