Table 2

 Idealised space requirements for a nuclear cardiology service

RoomCommentSpace (m2)
Figures are based on a stand alone department, but there would be important savings if the service were to be provided out of an existing nuclear medicine department.
Space that could be saved if space is highly restricted is italicised.
Camera roomDedicated cardiac camera can now fit into space as small as 6.5×9.5 feet!12
Stress roomDepends on how much equipment is required12
Injection/recovery room Useful to prepare patients for stress, inject at rest, or monitor following adverse event 6
Hot labStorage and handling of doses and waste6
Hot lavatoryFor regulatory reasons2
Patient waiting areaMust have specific area for injected patients10
Reception/front office Handle appointments and patients, issue reports 8
Reporting room/back office for staffCould be combined with front office if space limited10
Total (ideal)66
Total (limited)52