Table 3

 Essential equipment to establish a nuclear cardiology service

Figures are based on a stand alone department, but there would be important savings if the service were to be provided out of an existing nuclear medicine department.
The prices shown are estimates given for planning purposes only. In all cases, manufacturers should be approached to provide accurate quotations.
Dedicated cardiac gamma cameraSmall field-of-view, heads fixed at 90° NB service contract approx 8–10% of purchase price, i.e. £10–16k per year£120–160k
Treadmill/ergometer and ECG system£20k
Defibrillation and resuscitation trolley£9k
Rapid infusion syringe pumpFor adenosine or dobutamine stress£2k
Dose calibratorTo draw up or check doses of radiopharmaceutical£4k
Assorted lead shieldsLead shield for handling doses, lead coffins, syringe shields, shielded pedal bin and sharps bin£2k
Radiation detectorFor routine monitoring or in the event of a spillage£1k