Table 5

 Lifestyle targets

1Do not smoke
2Maintain ideal body weight for adults (body mass index 20–25 kg/m2) and avoid central obesity (waist circumference in white caucasians <102 cm in men and <88 cm in women, and in Asians <90 cm in men and <80 cm in women)
3Keep total dietary intake of fat to ⩽30% of total energy intake
4Keep the intake of saturated fats to ⩽10% of total fat intake
5Keep the intake of dietary cholesterol to <300 mg/day
6Replace saturated fats by an increased intake of monounsaturated fats
7Increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables to at least five portions per day
8Regular intake of fish and other sources of omega 3 fatty acids (at least two servings of fish per week)
9Limit alcohol intake to <21 units/week for men or <14 units/week for women
10Limit the intake of salt to <100 mmol/l day (<6 g of sodium chloride or <2.4 g of sodium per day)
11Regular aerobic physical activity of at least 30 mins per day, most days of the week, should be taken (for example, fast walking/swimming)