Table 1

 Incidence of myocardial infarction

StudyYears of data collectionAge limitsPopulation servedCasesIncidence (events/ 1000/year)Case fatality
†The definition included definite non-fatal myocardial infarction and possible, probable, or definite coronary heart disease mortality. Cities from 21 countries were included in the study. Belfast and Glasgow represented the UK. They had a much higher than average incidence than the mean but only a slightly lower 28 day case fatality.
*Cardiac chest pain including myocardial infarction and unstable angina.
MONICA†141985–199135–64 yearsLarge35844.349% at 28 days
OXMIS151994–1995<80 years56880013432.439% at 28 days
ARIC16,201987–199635–74 years354357148424.2
BHF/NICEUncertainAll ages58 million2680004.6
Hospital Death and Discharge Statistics (England)2002–2003All ages50 million1054762.1
Hospital Death & Discharge Statistics (Scotland)491990–2000All ages4.8 million96026 (225512*)2.0 (4.7*)
Hospital Death & Discharge Statistics (Scotland)492000All ages4.8 million∼8000 (∼27000*)1.7 (5.7*)
MINAP2003All ages∼50 million∼600001.2