Table 2

 Prevalence and incidence of heart failure in patients with myocardial infarction

StudyCollection periodExclusionsNumberPre-existing HFHF developing during indexHF developing after indexTotal
CI, confidence intervals; HF, heart failure; NA, not applicable or available.
*Duration of follow up not available.
US National Registry361994–2000Shock or prior HF60650020.4%8.6%*29.0%
TRACE231990–1992Shock or inadequate echo visualisation of LV function667617.7%36.9% (805 within first 2 days)NA54.6% (11.4% transient only)
Olmsted County35,391979–1994Registry217111.8%24.2% within 30 days16.8% over 6.6 years53.1%
Framingham341950–1989Registry5469.7% within 28 days16.3% up to 10 years26%
Hellermann review29NAPopulation basedNA37% (95% CI 25% to 48%)NA
NARegistryNA36% (95% CI 19% to 51%)NA
NATrialsNA18% (95% CI 11% to 35%)NA