Table 1

 Independent predictors of one year mortality in 1308 patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction treated with primary percutaneous coronary intervention

RR*95% CIp Value
*Cox regression analysis; †significant predictor; ‡diabetes was entered as a categorical variable (no diabetes, NIDDM, or IDDM); §previous PCI, STEMI, or coronary artery bypass grafting.
CI, confidence interval; IDDM, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (patients treated with insulin); NIDDM, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (patients treated orally); RR, relative risk.
Shock at presentation†5.4053.311 to 8.771<0.001
PCI failure†3.1271.586 to 6.1660.001
IDDM†‡3.2461.219 to 8.6950.018
NIDDM†‡2.6731.248 to 5.7140.011
Coronary calcification†1.6801.016 to 2.7770.043
Family history1.4520.880 to 2.3960.144
Multivessel disease1.4120.869 to 2.2930.163
Age >60 years1.4020.808 to 2.4390.229
Men1.2060.717 to 2.0280.479
Ischaemic time >180 min1.2060.766 to 1.9010.417
Previous event§1.1840.710 to 1.9760.515
Hypertension1.0820.662 to 1.7660.753
Smoking0.8010.493 to 1.3020.371
Hypercholesterolaemia0.7040.393 to 1.2610.238