Table 4

 Multivariate effects of severity and duration of post-MI depression on health status at 12 months after MI controlled for age, sex, cardiac condition, pre-MI depression, and health status at 3 months

Outcomes at 12 months:Predictors
Health status at 3 monthsAge at MIFemale sexHistory of MIKillip classLVEFPre-MI depressionSeverity of symptomsDuration of episodeDepression treatment
*Unstandardised adjusted β weight (95% CI) in multivariate linear regression analysis; †adjusted odds ratio (95% CI) in multivariate logistic regression analysis.
Health related QoL
Physical functioning*0.67 (0.49 to 0.85)NSNSNSNSNSNS−6.99 (−12–10 to −1.89)NSNS
Social functioning*0.35 (0.15 to 0.55)NSNSNSNSNSNS−10.83 (16.26 to −5.40)NSNS
Role limitations-physical*0.43 (0.22 to 0.64)NSNSNSNSNSNS−10.36 (20.40 to −0.32)NSNS
Role limitations-emotional*0.27 (0.07 to 0.46)NSNSNSNSNSNS−16.56 (−27.58 to −5.55)NSNS
General health*0.65 (0.49 to 0.82)NSNS−8.91 (−17.57 to −0.26)NSNSNSNSNSNS
Pain*0.43 (0.25 to 0.61)NSNSNSNSNSNS−6.36 (−11.01 to −1.71)NSNS
Cardiac related complaints
Somatic complaints*0.64 (0.46 to 0.81)NSNSNSNSNSNS3.10 (1.46 to 4.74)NSNS
Palpitations†7.62 (2.12 to 7.50)NSNSNSNSNSNS3.75 (1.37 to 10.27)NSNS
Angina†17.12 (3.62 to 80.88)NSNSNSNSNS11.04 (2.57 to 47.43)NS2.65 (1.04 to 6.75)NS
Dyspnoea†4.32 (1.43 to 13.07)NSNSNSNSNSNSNSNSNS
Complete disability†NSNSNSNSNSNSNSNSNS
Partial disability†3.17 (1.11 to 9.04)NSNSNSNS6.48 (1.71 to 24.54)NS1.99 (1.02 to 3.89)NSNS