Table 5

 Test-retest reliability of EQ-5D, patients with stable health state

Period 1: admission to dischargePeriod 2: discharge to 3 months
NoProportion of agreementκ*NoProportion of agreementκ*
*Owing to small cell sizes categories 2 and 3 were collapsed; †owing to unequal number of rows and columns κ could not be calculated.
ICC, intraclass correlation.
EQ-5D dimension
    Mobility118 (73%)0.243329 (88%)0.53
    Self care1111 (100%)1.03433(97%)NA†
    Usual activities116 (55%)0.173323 (70%)0.39
    Pain119 (82%)0.623222 (69%)0.43
    Anxiety/depression1111 (100%)1.03422 (65%)0.24
n Mean difference (SD) test-retest ICC n Mean difference (SD) test-retest ICC
VAS103.5 (9.1)0.82334.6 10.1)0.80
EQ 5D index11−1.8 (6.4)0.91300.56 (14.7)0.54