Table 3

 Baseline characteristics per completed pregnancy in women with congenital pulmonary valvar stenosis

n = 81
DBP, diastolic blood pressure; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PR, pulmonary regurgitation; PS, pulmonary valvar stenosis; SBP, systolic blood pressure.
Mean (SD) maternal age at pregnancy (years)28.4 (4.7)
Parity status at pregnancy
    Primiparous45 (55.5%)
    Multiparous36 (44.5%)
Use of cigarettes during pregnancy10 (12.3%)
Use of alcohol during pregnancy5 (6.2%)
Cardiac drugs continued during pregnancy8 (9.9%)
Physical examination
    Mean (SD) SBP (mm Hg)126 (19)
    Mean (SD) DBP (mm Hg)76 (10)
NYHA class before pregnancy
    Class I72 (88.9%)
    Class II9 (11.1%)
PS severity (within 2 years) before pregnancy
    None15 (18.5%)
    Trivial/minor48 (59.3%)
    Moderate6 (7.4%)
    Severe1 (1.2%)
    Unknown11 (16.0%)
PR severity (within 2 years) before pregnancy
    None25 (30.9%)
    Trivial/minor30 (37.0%)
    Moderate12 (14.8%)
    Severe2 (2.5%)
    Unknown12 (14.8%)
Right ventricular dilatation present at pregnancy12 (14.8%)