Table 1

 Clinical, morphological, and functional variables in the overall patient population (n = 21)

Data are mean (SD) or number (%).
IVS, interventricular septum; LA, left atrium; LV, left ventricular.
Age (years)61 (14)
Monoclonal immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis9 (43%)
Transthyretin related amyloidosis12 (57%)
Atrial fibrillation5 (24%)
New York Heart Association class
    I/II14 (66%)
    III7 (34%)
Cardiac magnetic resonance parameters
    IVS thickness (mm)16 (4)
    LV mass (g/m2)188 (786)
    LV diastolic volume (ml/m2)68 (14)
    LV systolic volume (ml/m2)34 (9)
    LV ejection fraction (%)50 (9)
    LA diameter (mm)47 (7)
Echocardiographic indices of LV filling
    Deceleration time (ms)182 (290
    Restrictive filling pattern7 (33%)