Table 1

 Results of peer reviewed observational studies of paroxysmal AF ablation

StudyPatients (n)SR (%)Follow up (months) Mean (SD)Type of AF (%)Structural heart disease (%)Technology usedRepeat procedures for quoted success (%)How SR assessedUse of antiarrhythmic drugs for quoted success* (%)Serious complication rate† (%)
*Vaughn-Williams group 1 and 3 only.
†Death, stroke, tamponade, arterial–venous fistula needing repair, pulmonary embolism, phrenic nerve palsy, or ⩾1 pulmonary vein stenosis >50% (or causing symptoms).
‡All patients started on sotalol, propafenone, flecainide, or dofetilide for first 2 months then all stopped.
AF, atrial fibrillation; PV, pulmonary vein; RFA, radiofrequency ablation; SR, sinus rhythm.
Segmental ostial isolation of 4 pulmonary veins
Haissaguerre et al 2000w2890718 (5)100 paroxysmal19Circular PV catheter54Symptoms & “Holter recordings”04.4
4 mm RFA
Fluoroscopy only
Deisenhofer et al 2003w5275517.6 (4.4)92 paroxysmal. 8 persistent56Circular PV catheter40Repeated 7 day HoltersNot clearly stated10.7
4 mm RFA
Fluoroscopy only
Marrouche et al 2002w5321179–1004 (2)–10 (3)54 paroxysmal, 16 persistent, 30 permanent24Circular PV catheter0“Holter recordings”Not clearly stated3.5
4 mm, 8 mm and cooled RFA“Event recorder considered if symptomatic”
Fluoroscopy onlyRecurrences <3 weeks ignored
Tse et al 2003w54525612 (6)87 paroxysmal, 13 persistent46Circular PV catheter0Event recorders387.7
Fluoroscopy only
Oral et al 2002w347071 paroxysmal, 25 persistent4.9 (2.6)83 paroxysmal, 17 persistent7Circular PV catheter9Event recorder if symptomatic01.4
4 mm RFA
Fluoroscopy only
Macle et al 2002w45136668.8 (5.3)90 paroxysmal, 10 persistent17Circular PV catheter49Not stated00.7
Cooled RFA
Fluoroscopy only
Wide area circumference ablation of pulmonary veins
Pappone et al 2001142518010.4 (4.5)71 paroxysmal, 29 permanent14Electroanatomical mappingNot statedMonthly Holter monitoring50.8
RFA (size not stated)
Pappone et al 2004w3128076Not stated66 paroxysmal, 34 permanent42Electroanatomical mappingNot statedDaily trans telephonic monitoringNot clearly stated0.7
8 mm RFAMonthly Holter monitoring
Recurrences <6 weeks ignored
Combination of wide area circumferential ablation and isolation of PV catheter
Ouyang et al 20041741956 (1)100% paroxysmalNot clearly stated2 Circular PV catheters22Transtelephonic monitoring for asymptomatic patients and regular Holter monitoring00
Cooled RFA
Electroanatomical mapping
Verma et al 20051870086 paroxysmal, 73 non-paroxysmal15.8 (7.8)39% paroxysmal, 61 non-paroxysmal44Circular PV catheter0Transtelephonic monitoring and regular 48 Holter monitoring Recurrences <2 months ignored0‡Not stated
8 mm RFA
Electroanatomical mapping
Intracardiac echo