Table 2

 Characteristics of music tracks

StyleTempo (beats/min)*Harmonic structureMelodic structureRhythmic structureSource
*Tempo is measured in beats/min, where 1 beat  =  1 crotchet (quarter note); †conventional relates to the musical culture of white subjects.
Raga55ModalModalMinimalDebabrata Chaudhuri: introduction from “Raga Maru Behag”, from Sitar music meditations, Music for Pleasure Ltd, Feltham, UK, 1967
Classical slow70Conventional†ConventionalPresentLudwig van Beethoven: “Adagio molto e cantabile” from the Ninth Symphony Op 125, 1823
Dodecaphonic76AbsentAbsentAbsentAnton Webern: “Zart bewegt”, from Pieces for orchestra Op 6, 1909
Rap103SemimodalRudimentaryStrong syncopatedRed Hot Chili Peppers: “The power of equality” from Blood Sugar Sex Magik Warner Bros, 1991
Techno136ConventionalRudimentaryStrong, obsessive non-syncopatedGigi D’agostino: “You spin me round” from Tecno Fes, vol 2, Noisemaker, 2000
Classical fast150ConventionalConventionalStrong non-syncopatedAntonio Vivaldi: “Presto” from “Estate”, Concerto for Violin, Orchestra, and Continuo no 2, Op 8, 1725