Table 3

 Median number of weekly servings reported by patients with CHD before, during, and after rehabilitation

Time relative to rehabilitation
Year beforeDuringFirst year afterThird year after
Meat (about 150 g)4533
Sausage, low fat (slices)3733
Side dishes rich in starch, low fat6666
    Rice and other grains1111
French fries, baked potatoes0.500.20.2
Eggs (pieces)100.50.7
Milk, hot chocolate (0.2 l)100.50.5
Margarine, low fat (10 g)01475
Curd cheese, yogurt, buttermilk (150 g)3433
Cheese, low fat (slices)2733
Fresh fruits (pieces)7777
Salad or vegetables, raw4755
Vegetables, cooked3333
Bread, proportion wholemeal40%67%50%50%
    Bread, wholemeal (slices)71477
    Bread, white10777
Breakfast cereals000.20
Chocolate (bars)1011
Cake, cookies20.511
Salty snacks (100 g)0.2000
Convenience food0.500.50.2
Drinks, low energy (l)11.212.611.211.2
    Pop, low energy (0.2 l)0000
    Mineral water (0.2 l)28352828
    Coffee (1 cup)14141414
    Tea (1 cup)71457