Table 1

 Trials evaluating the diagnostic performance of B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and NT-proBNP

StudiesnDiagnosis of HFAnalyseCut-offSens (%)Spec (%)PPV (%)NPV (%)AUC
EF, ejection fraction; HF, heart failure; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value; Sens, sensitivity; Spec, specificity.
McCullough 2002 BNP1538ClinicalBNP100 pg/ml907375900.90
Wieczorek 20021050ClinicalBNP100 pg/ml82970.93
Januzzi 2005 PRIDE599ClinicalNT-proBNP300 pg/ml996862990.94
Januzzi 2005 ICON1256ClinicalNT-proBNP300 pg/ml996077980.83–0.99
Bay 20032193EF <40%NT-BNP357 pmol/l738224980.85