Table 2

 Baseline demographic data of historical control and bosentan treated groups of patients with systemic sclerosis associated pulmonary arterial hypertension

Current treatment era (n = 45)Historical controls (n = 47)p Value
Data are presented as the number (percentage) of patients, mean (SD) or median (range).
Comparisons were by χ2 test, two sample t test and Mann–Whitney U test as appropriate.
*This includes 27 patients in the historical control group, as not all patients in this group started prostanoids; †data available on only 30 patients, a significantly higher proportion of whom were in class IV.
MAP, mean arterial pressure; mPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; mRAP, mean right atrial pressure; NS, not significant at p<0.1; SMWT, six minute walk test; WHO, World Health Organization.
Mean age (years)60 (11.3)58 (11.1)NS
Sex (men/women)7/387/40NS
Time from diagnosis to start of bosentan or prostanoid (days)*36 (0–512)72 (0–506)<0.0001
SMWT distance (m)207 (0–538)179 (0–471)†0.1
mRAP (mm Hg)8 (6.1)7 (4.4)NS
mPAP (mm Hg)40 (11.8)40 (11.4)NS
MAP (mm Hg)102 (18)95 (15)NS
PVR (dyn·s·cm–5)613 (345)597 (359)NS
Cardiac index (l/min/m2)2.6 (0.7)2.7 (0.9)NS
WHO functional class
    III26 (58%)36 (77%)0.054
    IV19 (42%)11 (23%)
Scleroderma subset (%)
    Limited43 (96%)34 (72%)0.0026
    Diffuse2 (4%)13 (28%)
Patients with pulmonary fibrosis14 (31%)22 (46%)NS