Table 3

 Potencies of ranolazine to inhibit transmembrane ion channel currents in canine ventricular myocytes

Inward currentsIC50 (μmol/l)
IC50, concentrations of ranolazine that inhibit a given ion current by 50%.
All IC50 values are from Antzelevitch et al71 except for inhibition of peak INa (Undrovinas et al75).
ICa,L, L-type inward calcium current; IK1, inward rectifier current; IKr, rapid delayed-rectifier current; IKs, slow delayed-rectifier current; INa, late sodium current; INa/Ca, sodium-calcium exchange current; Ito, transient outward current.
INaPeak INa240
Late INa⩾5
ICa,LPeak ICa,L296
Late ICa,L50
Outward currents
IKs<20% at ⩾30 μmol/l
IK1No effect
ItoNo effect