Table 6 Quality-of-life scores after 12 month follow-up for patients with confirmed diagnosis of left ventricular systolic dysfunction
Adjusted mean score*p Value†
SF-36 Domain
Physical functioning39.3236.950.6221
Role physical20.0120.810.9973
Bodily pain54.8155.130.9061
General health45.0440.120.3937
Social functioning56.9358.770.7282
Role emotional35.9739.460.6721
Mental health66.2364.740.7740
LVD-36 Score48.1950.630.6683
  • Higher SF-36 and lower LVD-36 scores indicate better quality of life.

  • *Adjusted for cluster effect and baseline scores, and where appropriate for age and gender. †p Values based on robust estimates of standard errors.