Table 3 Clinical characteristic of a 53-year-old man who underwent a first check up examination in 1996
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)251 (6.5 mmol/l)143 (3.7 mmol/l)149 (3.9 mmol/l)121 (3.1 mmol/l)
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)64 (1.7 mmol/l)43 (1.1 mmol/l)62 (1.6 mmol/l)50 (1.3 mmol/l)
LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)176 (4.6 mmol/l)72 (1.9 mmol/l)104 (2.7 mmol/l)45 (1.2 mmol/l)
Triglycerides (mg/dl)61 (0.69 mmol/l)73 (0.82 mmol/l)74 (0.84 mmol/l)72 (0.81 mmol/l)
Lipoprotein Lp(a) (mg/dl)21.5 (0.77 mmol/l)18 (0.64 mmol/l)18 (0.64 mmol/l)16 (0.57 mmol/l)
PROCAM score4.8%4.2%5.1%4.8%
NCEP ATP III score8%8%8%8%
ESC SCORE for Germany2%2%3%4%
Agatston score362378701706
  • ESC, European Society of Cardiology; HDL, high density lipoprotein; LDL, low density lipoprotein; NCEP ATP III, Third National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Program; PROCAM, Prospective Cardiovascular M√ľnster; SCORE, Systemic Coronary Risk Evaluation.

  • The subject was seen many times over the next 10 years. He was 189 cm in height and his body weight was 87 kg in 1996 and 85 kg in 2006. A progression of coronary artery calcification was seen despite starting statin treatment in 1998 and also receiving ezetimibe since 2004. The CAC score followed the line of the centile distribution which was based on the results of the Heinz Nixdorf Recall study.14