Table 2

 The Daily Activities Questionnaire

*From the heart failure clinic at St Mary’s Hospital, London, UK.
The keyword allows the question to be identified on graphs and results tables.
When you go walking with people of the same age as you, do you fall behind so they have to wait for you?Fall behind
Can you have a shower without feeling breathless?Shower
Do you have difficulty making a cup of tea because you get breathless?Tea
Could you carry a shopping bag up a flight of stairs without having to stop?Shopping bag
Do you quickly become breathless and have to stop if walking uphill?Uphill
Can you get dressed without having to stop because you feel breathless?Dressed
Do you get breathless bending down to tie up your shoelaces?Shoelaces
Do you get breathless walking around from room to room on the level in your house?Room-room
When you are sitting down and not doing anything, do you often get breathless or exhausted?Sitting
Do you have to walk upstairs more slowly or have to stop part way up the stairs to avoid getting breathless?Slow stairs
Do you often experience shortness of breath after walking a few yards or at rest?Few yards
Do you often refuse to join in activities because you will get breathless?Refuse
Do you have difficulty with washing, dressing and moving around the house because you get breathless?Wash/dress
Do you get out of breath or feel limited when you are going about your normal daily activities?Daily activities
In the last month, have you been prevented from doing something you wanted to do because it involved some walking or climbing stairs?Prevented
Do you get breathless doing a basic shop at the supermarket?Shop
Can you walk up 1 flight of stairs without stopping?1 flight
Can you walk up 2 flights of stairs without stopping?2 flights
Can you walk to Paddington station from here* without stopping? (a distance of approx 200 m)Paddington
Can you walk to Edgware road station from here* without stopping? (approx 500 m)Edgware
Can you walk to Oxford street from here* without stopping? (approx 1500 m)Oxford St
Do you frequently get breathless at rest?Rest
After you had walked up to the top of a flight of stairs, could you still have a conversation?Conversation