Table 2

 Patient characteristics and implanted valve prostheses

All (n = 383)Before introduction of method 1 (n = 264)After using method 1 (n = 119)p Value
BSA, body surface area; CAD, coronary artery disease; EOAI, effective orifice area index; FU, follow-up; NYHA, New York Heart Association.
For this study, we used data from our institutional database containing follow-up and echocardiographic data. We had obtained approval from the ethics committee for data collection (625/02, 1029/04, 00101, 922/03, 711/02). Data are presented as mean (SD) and as percentages. Differences in groups were tested with the Student’s t test or the χ2 test as appropriate. Statistical significance was achieved at p<0.05.
*Medtronic, (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA).
†Edwards Lifesciences (Irvine, California, USA).
‡St Jude Medical, (St Paul, Minnesota, USA).
§Sorin Biomedica (Saluggia, Italy).
Age (years)69.6 (±9.9)70.0 (±9.7)68.5 (±10.2)0.168
BSA (m2)1.85 (±0.19)1.85 (±0.19)1.87 (±0.19)0.158
Prevalence of CAD55.5%52.3%64.2%0.075
Valvular lesion
Labelled valve size23.0 (±2.1)23.1 (±2.1)22.9 (±1.9)0.270
EOAI (cm2/m2) at FU0.99 (±0.29)0.97 (±0.30)1.04 (±0.25)0.016
NYHA at FU1.4 (±0.5)1.4 (±0.5)1.5 (±0.6)0.103
Valve prosthesis (n)<0.001
    Medtronic Advantage*54540
    sizes 21/23/25/272/18/21/132/18/21/130/0/0/0
    Edwards Perimount†53494
    sizes 19/21/23/254/19/24/64/16/23/60/3/1/0
    Edwards Perimount Magna†1236459
    sizes 19/21/23/256/40/50/273/14/30/173/26/20/10
    Medtronic Mosaic*49490
    sizes 19/21/23/25/272/13/22/10/22/13/22/10/20/0/0/0/0
    Medtronic Advantage supra*12012
    sizes 21/23/251/6/50/0/01/6/5
    St Jude Epic supra‡505
    sizes 21/233/20/03/2
    Sorin Soprano§523517
    sizes 18/20/22/24/26/283/14/16/15/3/13/14/6/11/1/00/0/10/4/2/1
    St Jude Regent‡16016
    sizes 19/21/23/251/3/3/90/0/0/01/3/3/9
    St Jude Toronto Root‡19136
    sizes 23/25/27/292/8/6/31/7/3/21/1/3/1