Table 1

 Clinical characteristics, Echo parameters measured at rest, and B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with aortic stenosis and normal controls.

Aortic stenosis(n = 20)Normal controls(n = 15)p Value*
Results are means (SD) unless otherwise indicated.
*For continuous variables, two sample t test was used. For categorical variables, χ2 test or fisher exact test was used where appropriate.
†Mann–Whitney U test used where variables not normally distributed.
Age, years67 (9)68 (4)0.6
Male, n (%)19 (95%)13 (87%)0.3
Body mass index, kg/m228.3 (4.6)25.8 (3.1)0.1
β-blockers, n600.02
ACE inhibitors, n100.3
Resting heart rate, beats/min66 (9)73 (9)0.03†
Resting systolic blood pressure, mm Hg142 (20)137 (21)0.4
ST depression on resting ECG ⩾0.5 mm, n630.2
ECG parameters
    Aortic valve area, cm20.95 (0.3)
    Aortic peak velocity, m/s3.9 (0.8)
    Ejection fraction, %69 (7)62 (5)0.01†
    Left-ventricular mass index, g/m2119 (41)107 (24)0.2†
    Right ventricular systolic pressure, mm Hg21 (6)19 (4)0.3
    Mitral inflow velocity, E, m/s0.8 (0.2)0.6 (0.2)0.02†
    Lateral mitral annular velocity, E’, cm/s7.9 (2.1)9.5 (2.6)0.09
E/E’ ratio10.5 (2.8)6.7 (1.8)0.001†
    Doppler tissue imaging, S’, cm/s8.5 (1.5)9.1 (1.8)0.15
    Time velocity integral, S’, cm1.58 (0.4)1.85 (0.4)0.04
Natriuretic peptide
    B-type natriuretic peptide, pmol/l9.2 (5.8)7.4 (4)0.3†