Table 2

 Exercise treadmill outcomes for patients with aortic stenosis and controls

Aortic stenosis(n = 20)Normal controls(n = 15)p Value*
METS, metabolic equivalents.
Results are means (SD).
*For continuous variable, two-sample t test used and for categorical variable, χ2 test or fisher exact test where appropriate.
†Mann–Whitney U test used where variables not normally distributed.
Treadmill exercise results
    Exercise time, min8.9 (3.2)11 (2.6)0.1
    Exercise capacity, METS9.7 (3.5)12.3 (3.1)0.09
    Peak heart rate, beats/min134 (20)154 (12)0.002
    Heart rate 1 min after exercise, beats/min109 (18)123 (13)0.1
    Peak systolic blood pressure, mm Hg158 (26)184 (16)0.04
    Increase in systolic blood pressure with exercise, mm Hg17 (26)49 (16)0.001
    ST depression ⩾2 mm, n620.2
    Angina, n00