Table 1

 Demographic and baseline echocardiographic characteristics of the total cohort (n = 22)

VariableMean (SD)
AS, aortic stenosis; AVA, aortic valve area; BP, blood pressure; BSA, body surface area; EF, ejection fraction; ELCo, energy loss coefficient; LV, left ventricular; % LVSW loss, percentage left ventricular stroke work loss index; ΔPmean, mean transvalvular pressure gradient; Qmean, mean transvalvular flow rate.
Values in parentheses are the SD.
Clinical characteristics
    Age (years)70 (10)
    Gender (M:F)16:6
    BSA (cm2)1.96 (0.21)
Haemodynamic variables
    Heart rate (bpm)62 (8)
    BP (mm Hg)143 (14)/77 (9)
    Stroke volume (ml)104 (19)
    Qmean (ml/s)323 (67)
    LV EF (%)73 (8)
Stenotic indices
    ΔPmean (mm Hg)36 (13)
    AVA (cm2)1.15 (0.32)
    Resistance (dyne×s/cm5)153 (63)
    % LVSW loss (%)19.8 (6.3)
    ELCo (cm2)1.32 (0.4)
    AS severity (based on AVA) Mild: moderate: severe4:10:8