Table 3

 Results of the cost regression showing costs for the different model states and the impact of covariates

CovariateCost(£)SE95% CI
NCD, non-cardiovascular death; NFE, non-fatal event.
*Stroke, transient ischaemic attack or peripheral vascular disease.
NFE9775428893610 613
NFE history8161175861046
Fatal event301536722953735
NCD10 285889854312 026
Age in years112715
Existing vascular disease32562202447
Diabetes mellitus2095699320
Symptomatic angina or heart failure23441154315
Creatinine clearance below 80 ml/min72211
Using nitrates at baseline22633161292
Using calcium channel blockers at baseline1573490223
Using lipid-lowering treatment at baseline1003237163
Treated in UK−8839−165−12