Table 4

 Cost effectiveness of perindopril in five illustrative patients

Centiles of cost effectiveness
BMI, body mass index; MI, myocardial infarction; QALY, quality adjusted life year.
*Stroke, transient ischaemic attack or peripheral vascular disease
5-Year risk (%)2914873
Age in years5757585564
Previous MI11100
Previous revascularisation00111
Existing vascular disease*10000
Diabetes mellitus01010
Family history of coronary artery disease00000
Symptomatic angina or heart failure11000
Systolic blood pressure150150120110145
Creatinine clearance below 80 ml/min10595709856
BMI > 30 (obese)00000
Total cholesterol5.
Using nitrates at baseline11010
Using calcium channel blockers at baseline10000
Using lipid-lowering treatment at baseline11100
Incremental cost of perindopril (£)390346478443499
Incremental QALYs with perindopril0.1040.0540.0490.0310.016
Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (£)37296 4089 70014 16331 195
Lower 95% limit (£)24003 2005 5006 80017 200
Upper 95% limit (£)900017 00024 00040 00083 000
Probability that cost effective at £30 000/QALY1.001.000.990.930.41
Probability that cost effective at £20 000/QALY1.000.990.940.750.08