Abstract 127

Time pointNo paclitaxel0.2 μg/mm20.7 μg/mm21.4 μg/mm22.7 μg/mm2
TLR, target lesion revascularisation.
Clinical outcome data for 2-year follow-up in the ELUTES trial. No significant differences in clinical outcome were detected between the paclitaxel stents at any dose and the bare metal stent using a two-tailed Fisher test.
0–6 months
    Q-wave MI00000
    Non-Q MI00101
    TLR (PCI)41031
6–12 months
    Death or MI00000
    TLR (PCI)12211
12–24 months
    Death or MI00000
    TLR (PCI)00100
Event-free survival at 24 months25/32 (78%)25/28 (89%)28/33 (85%)26/30 (87%)23/29 (79%)