Table 3 Incidence of first attack acute rheumatic fever by geographical region
StudyStudy periodGeographical regionCountryOverall mean annual incidence (per 100 000 population)*Age group studied (years)Version of Duckett–Jones diagnostic criteria
Quinn, 1967121963–5AmericaUSA10AllRevised
Berrios, 1984131976–81Chile5AllModified
Bach, 1996141981–92Martinique and Gouadaloupe8<20Modified
Grover, 1993201988–91AsiaIndia515–18Revised
Talbot, 1984211978–82AustralasiaNew Zealand22<30Revised
Ekelund, 1967161952–61EuropeSweden50–15Modified
Sramek, 1981151961–72Czechoslovakia16AllModified
Gharagozloo, 1976191971–3Middle EastIran35AllModified
Majeed, 1987171980–3Kuwait18<14Revised
Majeed, 1993181984–8Kuwait235–14Revised
  • *This statistic was obtained by dividing the total number of incident cases over the entire study period by the estimated annual study population at risk, then further dividing by the total number of years of study to obtain the overall mean annual incidence rate.