Table 2 Main studies investigating the relationship between biological clopidogrel resistance and thrombotic events after percutaneous coronary intervention
End pointStudyPlatelet assays usedn
Stent thrombosisBarragan et al16VASP-P index36
Gurbel et al17VASP-P index, ADP-induced aggregometry120
Buonamici et al18ADP-induced aggregometry804
Blindt et al19VASP-P index, ADP-induced aggregometry99
Ischaemic events
CV death, MI, unstable angina, strokeGurbel et al21ADP-induced aggregometry192
Death, MI, stent thrombosis, stroke, ischaemiaBliden et al22ADP-induced aggregometry100
CV death, acute or subacute stent thrombosis, ACS, ischaemic strokeFrere et al24ADP-induced aggregometry, VASP-P index195
CV death, MI, urgent TVRBonello et al23VASP-P index144
CV death, acute and subacute stent thrombosis, MIPrice et al20VerifyNow P2Y12380
  • ACS, acute coronary syndromes; ADP, adenosine diphosphate; CV, cardiovascular; MI, myocardial infarction; TVR, target vessel revascularisation; VASP, vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein.