Table 1 Summary of studies reporting non-cardiac surgery following percutaneous coronary intervention
StudyYearPatientsStent typeAntiplatelet therapyPerioperative therapyOutcome
Kaluza et al6200040BMSAspirin + ticlopidineMost discontinued both agents20% Mortality within 4 weeks of stenting
Wilson et al72003207BMSAspirin + warfarin or ticlopidine or clopidogrel26% Continued dual therapy4.8% MI/stent thrombosis within 6 weeks, none after 6 weeks
Reddy/Vaitkus8200556BMSAspirin + clopidogrel60% had MACE on clopidogrel at surgery14% MACE within 6 weeks of stenting, none after 6 weeks
Sharma et al9200447BMSAspirin + ticlopidine or clopidogrel25% Stopped thienopyridine within 3 weeks of stenting85% Mortality within 3 weeks if antiplatelet agents stopped, few events beyond 3 weeks
Compton et al13200638DESAspirin + clopidogrel41% Receiving clopidogrel at time of surgery0% Event rate, relatively late surgery (median 260 days)
Kim et al142007239BMS/DESAspirin + clopidogrelStopped 5–7 days before elective surgery2.2% MACE DES group, 0% BMS group
  • BMS, bare metal stent; DES, drug-eluting stent; MACE, major adverse cardiac event; MI, myocardial infarction.