Table 2 ANCOVAs predicting change in myocardial function, glycaemic control and cardiorespiratory fitness accounting for change in activity
βp Valueβp Value
Change in E′ (cm/s)
    Group × Δ moderate × Δ vigorous1.05×10−5<0.01−572×10−60.33
Change in strain rate (/s)
    Group × Δ moderate<0.0010.35−0.0010.03
Change in HbA1c (%)
    Group × Δ moderate−0.0010.400.0030.03
    Group × Δ moderate × Δ vigorous4.13×10−60.827.13×10−60.03
change in diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)
    Group × Δ vigorous−0.0170.040.0020.77
Change in VO2max (ml/kg/min)
    Group × Δ moderate × Δ vigorous1.01×10−50.31−3.86×10−50.03
  • Δ, change in type of activity from baseline to 1 year.

  • Note only significant terms shown.