Table 2

Angiographic and procedural characteristics of selected cohort

CharacteristicAnterior MI patients with described ECG pattern (n = 35)
    Sinus rhythm34 (97)
    Atrial fibrillation1 (3)
Heart rate (min-1) (median (IQR))75 (64–87)
Electrical heart axis
    Intermediate30 (86)
    Left5 (14)
Conduction (ms)
    PR interval*165 (19)
    QRS duration*88 (12)
    QTc interval*394 (24)
Time from symptom onset to ECG recording (minutes) (median (IQR))98 (57–145)
Coronary angiography
Single-vessel disease24 (67)
Dominant RCA30 (86)
Location culprit lesion in LAD artery
    Proximal to 1st septal, proximal to 1st diagonal branch23 (66)
    Distal to 1st septal, proximal to 1st diagonal branch12 (34)
Pre-PCI TIMI flow 0–130 (86)
Collateral circulation
    Rentrop class 0–125 (29)
    Rentrop 29 (26)
    Rentrop 31 (3)
Wrap around LAD artery20 (57)
Procedural complexity
    GP IIb/IIIa receptor inhibitors used7 (20)
    IABP inserted4 (11)
    Post-PCI TIMI 3 flow32 (91)
Potassium on admission (mmol/l)*3.9 (0.4)
Peak CK-MB value (μg/l) (median (IQR))†290 (155–471)
  • *Means (SD). Other data are expressed as n (%) unless otherwise indicated.

  • †Peak CK-MB available in 32 cases.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; CK-MB, creatine kinase isoenzyme MB; ECG, electrocardiogram; GP, glycoprotein; IABP, intra-aortic balloon pump; LAD, left anterior descending; LM, left main coronary artery; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; RCA, right coronary artery; TIMI, Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction.