Table 3

Mortality hazard ratio for 1995–7 and 2004–5 cohorts, with 1995–7 as baseline, and adjusted for age, gender and other factors associated with mortality

All available follow-up
HR (95% CI)p Value
1995–7 Cohort1.00 (reference)
2004–5 Cohort0.41 (0.31 to 0.55)<0.001
Adjusted HR*0.39 (0.28 to 0.53)<0.001
  • *Hazard ratio (HR) adjusted for age, gender, racial origin (white vs other), place of assessment, serum sodium, serum urea, haemoglobin, systolic blood pressure, New York Heart Association class (IV vs other) and left ventricular function (severe dysfunction vs other); complete dataset available in 850 patients (90%).