Table 1

Short-term casualties and destroyed homes in disaster areas (12 municipalities) and control area following the Niigata-Chuetsu earthquake, as officially announced by the Niigata Prefectural government

Number of deathsDeath rate (/100 000)Number of woundedRate of wounded (/100 000)Population in October 2004Half/completely destroyed homes (/1000 household)Partially (<1/2) destroyed homes (/1000 household)
Nagaoka City227.72376833285 104103691
Ojiya City1946.8785193540 570281727
Tokamachi City914.359294262 851236690
Kashiwazaki City00727595 85212167
Mitsuke City37.0514119243 12346721
Uonuma City511.431671943 97335369
Minamiuonuma City11.6264163 9301128
Kawaguchi Town6108.56211215530722282
Yuzawa Town111.2111889000
Tsunan Town001310911 8850.363
Izumozaki Town001185423454
Kariwa Village0081654861133560
Disaster area (Total)669.84766709671 99296516
Control area*20.12921 776 0330.12
  • *The other areas in Niigata Prefecture.