Table 3 Cost-effectiveness of RFCA for alternative scenarios (for CHADS2  =  1)
Lifetime analysis5-year analysis
ICER (£)Probability CE at £20 000Probability CE at £30 000ICER (£)Probability CE at £20 000Probability CE at £30 000
Source of effectiveness evidence
RCTs and worldwide survey978140.9881.00025 6230.1560.701
RCTs and case-series78510.9750.99925 5730.1840.634
Prognostic impact of NSR
Prognosis for NSR and AF equivalent93270.9770.99637 9970.0270.204
Utilities for health states
No differential impact by treatment12 8400.6820.96332 5240.0080.399
Annual probability of reversion back to AF after RFCA
    (a) 5%79990.9820.99926 9690.1320.618
    (b) 10%84010.9660.97029 9100.0750.441
    (c) 15%87030.9540.94432 0350.0600.374
  • AF, atrial fibrillation; CE, cost-effectiveness; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; NSR, normal sinus rhythm; QALY, quality-adjusted life year; RCT, randomised controlled trials; RFCA, radiofrequency catheter ablation.