Table 2 Prescribed cardiovascular medication by physical activity among medicated respondents
Cardiovascular medication typeModerate-to-vigorous physical activity (min/week)
<150 (%)⩾150* (%)Total (%)p Value†
Positive inotropic drugs4.81.63.8<0.001
Antiarrhythmic drugs1.
β blockers28.026.927.70.527
ACE inhibitors26.125.425.90.674
Nitrates, and other antianginal drugs3.
Calcium channel blockers22.316.820.7<0.001
Antiplatelet agents17.918.117.90.912
Lipid-regulating agents11.615.712.80.002
  • Respondents had no self-reported diagnosis of coronary heart disease (angina or myocardial infarction) or stroke and were currently receiving cardiovascular medication.

  • *Meeting the current physical activity recommendations; †p values are based on likelihood ratios and refer to the difference between those who met the physical activity recommendations and those who did not.