Table 2

Proportional distribution of main congenital heart defects and age by defect (n=5798)

Main congenital heart defectFrequencyAge
Atrial septal defect1033184018–85
Ventricular septal defect848153318–80
Tetralogy of Fallot619113218–74
Aortic coarctation570103118–73
Aortic stenosis54793018–80
Pulmonary stenosis41972918–80
Marfan syndrome32363518–71
Transposition of the great arteries26552418–54
Bicuspid aortic valve21344120–76
Ebstein malformation10324019–77
Pulmonary atresia8822418–57
Atrioventricular septal defect8822718–56
Congenitally corrected TGA8413419–67
Patent arterial duct8214520–71
Other defects (n<65)51693118–77
  • Age represents age at baseline (1 January 2001) and is stated in years.

  • TGA, transposition of the great arteries.