Table 3

Clinical and echocardiographic characteristics and B-type natriuretic peptide levels in study patients before and 30 days after TAVI

Before TAVIAfter TAVIp Value
NYHA functional class (III and IV), n (%)40 (90)7 (16)<0.001
Quality of life (MLHFQ Score)44±19.128±17.5<0.001
Six-minute walk test (m)204±103266±123<0.001
B-type natriuretic peptide (pg/ml)725±837423±3200.005
Left ventricular ejection fraction (%)55.8±8.558.9±8.60.013
Aortic valve area (cm2)0.85±0.142.07±0.4<0.001
Aortic valve peak velocity (m/s)4.22±0.562.04±0.35<0.001
Aortic mean gradient (mm Hg)46.8±13.79.8±4<0.001
Aortic peak gradient (mm Hg)72.6±19.718.1±6.6<0.001
Aortic valve regurgitation (moderate to severe), n (%)10 (23)4 (10)0.142
Mitral valve regurgitation (moderate to severe), n (%)21 (48)23 (52)0.670
  • MLHFQ, Minnesota living with heart failure questionnaire; NYHA, New York heart association.