Table 1

Comparison of echocardiographic indices between patients and controls

PatientsControlsp Value
M-mode measurements
LVDD (cm)4.6±0.54.5±0.50.30
LVDS (cm)3.0±0.42.8±0.40.03*
Shortening fraction (%)34.5±3.336.9±3.70.001*
Indexed left ventricular mass (g/m2)45.9±10.254.1±11.90.001*
Mitral inflow Doppler indexes
E (cm/s)100.0±19.9103.5±21.50.49
A (cm/s)52.2±12.652.7±15.00.87
E/A ratio2.0±0.52.1±0.60.55
E deceleration time (ms)130.3±18.2126.5±27.60.45
Mitral annular myocardial tissue velocities
s (cm/s)9.8±2.010.7±2.00.037*
e (cm/s)17.7±2.918.0±2.30.60
a (cm/s)7.4±1.77.7±2.40.51
e/a ratio2.5±0.72.5±0.60.95
  • A, peak mitral inflow velocity at late diastole; a, mitral annular late diastolic myocardial tissue velocity; E, peak mitral inflow velocity at early diastole; e, mitral annular early diastolic myocardial tissue velocity; LVDD, left ventricular dimension at diastole; LVDS, left ventricular dimension at systole; s, mitral annular systolic myocardial tissue velocity.

  • * Statistically significant.