Table 1

Completeness of key clinical fields in 2008

Data groupCompleteness of fields
Demographic details>95%
Details of admission>95%
Previous medical history>90%
Timing of critical events
 Date/time of onset of symptoms85%
 Date/time of arrival in hospital100%
 Date/time of reperfusion treatment92%
Drug use on admission>90%
Clinical features and non-invasive investigations*>80%
Drug use in hospital>85%
Discharge medications>85%
Complications; bleeding, re-infarction, cardiac arrest>80%
Other invasive investigations>80%
Discharge details>80%
Poorly completed fields within clinical features*:
 Ejection fraction59%
  • * Four fields within clinical features had poor completeness (cholesterol, ejection fraction, weight, height); these are shown separately.

  • Details of admission include method of admission and admission diagnosis.